Using htmlwidgets with knitr and Jekyll

A few weeks ago I gave a talk at BARUG (and wrote a post) about blogging with the excellent knitr-jekyll repo. Yihui's system is fantastic, but it does have one drawback: None of those fancy new htmlwidgets packages seem to work...

Blogging with Rmarkdown, knitr, and Jekyll

Blogs are some of the best data science resources available. However, the paths to an efficient data-blogging workflow are many and perilous! This post walks through how I got the process down to two commands, with the forked teachings of Yihui Xie (… and how you can, too).

NPS in 2015 Part III: Entertainment & Telecommunications

American consumers do not like their telecommunications companies. The sector with the lowest average NPS has been internet service providers for the last five years, with the same names in cable just behind them. The single worst performing company in the entire study has been an telco for 12 of the last 15 years.

NPS in 2015 Part II: Technology & Travel

The fierce spending battle continues between Expedia Inc. and The Priceline Group, the two companies collectively spending more than $7.6 billion on acquisitions since 2013 ($3.2 billion for Expedia, $4.4 billion for Pricline). Expedia Inc.'s representation in our study is increased by acquiring Orbitz for $1.6 billion. The deal puts Expedia Inc. ahead of Priceline group in bookings volume, and market share, but it still lags their revenue and stock market capitalization.

NPS in 2015 Part I: Finance & Retail

After consistent improvements in NPS across the study, this year is the first in five where, on average, Net Promoter Scores did not increase. In fact, they went down. This appears to have been driven by two main factors: the stabilization of the financial services industry, and an drastic erosion of loyalty in the telecommunications sector.